Charles’ Revelation Bible Conference is based on his book, “The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist”

A five star review out of five….

The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist”—not just another book on prophecy

After reading Charles Massegee’s book on Revelation, I have a new appreciation for the prophetic times in which we live.  At first glance, “The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist” appears to be just another book on prophecy, but this is one book readers shouldn’t sell short.  Easy to read and understand, Massegee brings a different outlook and takes the mystery out of John’s mysterious prophetic words.

Massegee demonstrates why in Revelation 10:9-10 the scroll John was asked to eat tasted sweet as honey in his mouth but turned his stomach sour.  You will find God’s Word comforting while at the same time disturbing if you know people who are unbelievers in a world that is quickly heading toward its inevitable end—the end that God ordained from the very beginning.

God’s Word tells us that the reading and study of Revelation will bring about a blessing for us.  If you’ve read Revelation before and were deeply confused by the language and symbolism or if you’ve been too intimidated to read it, Massegee’s book will guide you into a depth of understanding that will allow you to appreciate more fully God’s Words to John in Revelation.

Each chapter follows each chapter of Revelation and breaks up the Scripture in tiny pieces and elaborates on its meaning.  Massegee’s book opens up the secrets contained in Revelation and gives readers a deeper understanding of the times we are now living through.  His book brings comfort to those struggling for meaning and helps sort out the prophecies now being fulfilled in current events.

Massegee is direct and not as politically correct as some may prefer, but he speaks with a boldness that is desperately needed today.  God’s mercy will hold out for only so long.  His love for His people is great; however, there will still be people who turn their backs on Him even after everything that happens during the Tribulation period.

As Massegee says in his book, there is not a better time to turn to God than right now, but not out of fear.  God wants you to read His Book, study His Word and see the great love He has for you.

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Another review....

Are you one of many who are trying to make sense of the book of Revelation? Do you read all the books of the Bible yet seem to skip over Revelation because it’s too difficult to understand? Or perhaps it seems to be a scary book of wrath and judgment.

The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist:Islam, Allah, and the Antichrist in Prophecy by Charles Massegee not only reveals what is going to happen in the end time but shows us the love and mercy of God throughout all of the judgments. Not only that, but it’s a book of hope for the believers of Christ Jesus.

Here's a quick overview of the book: A five star book!

“These days, more people than ever are looking to the Book of Revelation for answers. The only book of the Bible that Jesus personally signed as author, the Book of Revelation holds the key to understanding our future. But it complex and multilayered meanings are often misunderstood. Now, author and Bible expert Charles Massegee unlocks the secrets of Revelation to expose the life-changing messages you need to know. You’ll learn *The 7 secrets to understanding the Book of Revelation * the most important symbols and definitions that will change everything you thought you knew about the Bible *Which prophecies in the Book of Revelation have already come true – and what it means for the future *Why we are now living in the so-called “end times” *What to expect during the last days and why the coming of Christ is something to celebrate – not fear *The evidence showing Islam’s connection to the antichrist and the last days *Much, much more appropriate for a Christian scholar or newcomer to Jesus, this accessible book is based on solid scriptural evidence and analysis and skilled insight into today’s news and culture.”

I give this book five stars out of five

My mother has a habit of checking out the books I get in, and removing from my desk any she wants to read. Often I don’t realize it until I get ready to read it. This was one of those books. She kept it hid in her room until she was finished with it.

My Mother’s Thoughts:
The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist is one of those books that can’t be read in a single sitting. I especially enjoyed the fact that everything was backed up with scripture. A lot of research has gone into this book. I agree that we are living n the last days. Once my daughter has written her review and gives the book back to me I will recommend it to all of my friends and my pastor. This is a must read for all Christians and those searching.

My Thoughts:
One of my favorite parts of this whole book was something that has puzzled me and fascinated me from the day I first heard it mentioned. Hi section on what the number 666 means is very clear to me now. I’d never thought of the 3 sixes as standing for the unholy trinity. I also liked the explanation that seven is the number of completeness and Satan and the antichrist will never come near that so the number 6 is their number.

My mom was right. This is definitely one of those books that you must read and study. I have been fascinated with Revelations since my early years of sitting in church. I didn’t always understand what was going on, so I sat and read Revelations. I am a visual person so the pictures I painted in my head were often very literal and confusing. This book has done what all of my years of study have not been able to do, explain in a manner I understand, the End Times.

IN REVIEWING this book, I found a new love for the book of Revelation. I have been a student of the Bible for many years, but this is the first book I have ever read that not only explains the difficult portions and but also makes sense. Charles Massegee’s insights and apparent love of Jesus and His word is seeped throughout this book.

Has he been given special revelation? No. But I do believe because of his love for God’s people and His word, the Lord has made what was mysterious, revealed regarding the Book of Revelation.

There are many commentaries on the Book of Revelation, but this book is beyond and better than any commentary I have ever read. Massegee takes an indepth look at each verse, each church and each judgment and shows not only how it pertained to the churches and people of the past but also how it pertains to today and the future.

An example of that is the seven letters to the seven churches in Revelation chapters two and three. Massegee explains what was taking place in the different churches at the time of the writing. He also shows how each church represented a different time in the Church age (historically) and where each church is currently.

Massegee boldly speaks about Islam and Allah, their god and with a strong foundation reveals how it is antichrist. I found this not only refreshing but very revealing, especially with our current times and events. Many churches today are now a mixture of religions and are embracing even the teachings of the very religion that is anti-Christ Jesus.

The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist is a book you want to read with your bible opened to the Book of Revelation, your heart opened to Jesus, your ears open to hear the Holy Spirit and your eyes opened to see the truth of God. You will see, hear and understand the Book of Revelation in a more clear way. You will find your heart filled with hope, compassion for the lost, thankful for the mercy of God and excited for the Second Appearance of Christ Jesus our King and Lord.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I want to hear my Savior call out “COME UP HERE” and then be with Him as the rest of the events unfold. I want to cheer with the rest of the believers of Christ Jesus as more are added to His kingdom. And I want to be one of the many who will worship Him for all eternity.

I suggest that if anyone has any confusion, questions, or just seeking better understanding about Revelation, their future with Christ or even the end time, this is definitely the book to read.

“You will be greatly encouraged by the unique teaching of Charles Massegee on the Book of Revelation. Revelation can be a difficult book to understand but Charles is able to provide many shortcuts for digging out the main concepts of the book without it being confusing. He brings a fresh, new approach to grasping this wonderful Book. Our people were able to view Revelation in an advantageous manner. Charles provides very good audio/visual aids to give an up front look at this often-ignored book of the Bible. I have had him several times in the churches I have served.”

Dr. James Wright, Bible Professor St. Louis, MO

“It was a pleasure to have Charles with us for a Bible Conference on End Time Prophecy. Our people were greatly blessed and encouraged. One person commented that ‘for the first it all came together.’ Charles has been with us twice and we plan on having him back.”

Pastor Philip Parker, Calvary Baptist Church, Portsmouth, VA

“I must say that Charles’ Revelation Bible Study in our church was excellent. The views taught, and the manner used to teach them were refreshing and very rewarding for me as a Christian, and a preacher of the Gospel of Christ. We are a small church, yet he did not treat us as such. We hope to have Charles back.”

Pastor Willis Durbin, Central Baptist Church, Willisville, IL

“We had overflow crowds and great response to the Revelation Bible Teaching of Charles Massegee. This was Charles’ home church for many years. He has conducted over fifteen revivals here. The one in which I participated resulted in over 200 souls being saved. His teaching on the End Time will captivate your people.”

Former Pastor Bill Owens, First Baptist Church, Ranger,Texas

“We had Charles back in 2006 for a Revelation Bible Conference here at the First Baptist Church in Ranger. He has been here for so many revivals and Bible conferences the people have lost count. You will want to have him.”

Dr. Richard Waters, Pastor