Nightmare in Dallas


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Factual account of Beverly Oliver (Now Beverly Massegee) who was a key eyewitness to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

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Beverly Oliver MassegeeBev's Picture #2

  • Former movie actress
  • Former night club singer
  • First husband was hit man and leader of the Dixie Mafia before his murder
  • Published author, lecturer, gospel singer and professional ventriloquist
  • Seen on Gerald Show, 48 Hours, CBS with Dan Rather, Larry King and many more
  • Motion picture made of her life story

One of the enigmatic figures in Dealey Plaza at the moments when John Kennedy was murdered was “The Babushka Lady,” so named because she wore a scarf much like a Russian grandmother would wear.

She was filming the motorcade, with an amateur movie camera. She can be seen clearly on the Zapruder film and also on various other movie films and still photographs taken in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd 1963. She was one of the few witnesses to the Kennedy assassination who was not immediately identified – thus the rather odd nickname which she acquired due to the “babushka” or triangular headscarf which she was wearing that day.

In 1970 Beverly Oliver was accidentally discovered by researcher J. Gary Shaw. When confronted by Mr. Shaw, she finally had to admit she was the Babushka Lady, not ever wanting to be identified for personal reasons. She was a dancer and singer (not a stripper) at the Colony Club that competed with Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club next door. She spent considerable time in the Carousel Club singing for Jack Ruby’s after hour parties.

Beverly was filming the motorcade on that fateful day. Her position on the south side of Elm Street close to eyewitnesses Charles Brehm, Jean Hill, Mary Moorman, etc. means that her film would almost certainly be a mirror image of the Z-Film from the opposite side of Elm Street. Perhaps more important than the presidential limousine itself would be what could be seen behind it. The background to The Babushka Lady’s film would inevitably include the Texas School Book Depository and the grassy knoll, perhaps showing the shooters. Upon arriving for work the following Monday, November 25th her film was taken away by a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. Later, from a mug book, she identified Regis Kennedy as the FBI agent who took her firm. There is FBI documentation available admitting that they have had her film, but are unaware where it is at this time.

The question of The Babushka Lady’s identity remained a total mystery following the death of the President. Nobody came forward to claim that they were the mysterious eyewitness and furthermore, nobody could suggest who the lady may have been. There it remained, and perhaps would have continued to remain, were it not for a chance meeting between renowned assassination researcher J Gary Shaw and a young lady called Beverly Oliver McGann. Beverly had become a Christian and in 1970 was singing at the First Baptist Church of Joshua (a small Texas town 20 miles south of Fort Worth)

The aftermath of this meeting is widely known and has been well-documented in many books. Beverly Oliver McGann, related to Gary Shaw how she had filmed the motorcade and the assassination from a point on the south side of Elm Street. As anybody who knows Gary would be aware, he did not just accept this stranger’s story without question. No – being aware that she had not had an opportunity to see the Zapruder film (and The Babushka Lady), he took her to Dealey Plaza and asked her to indicate exactly where she had been standing on the fateful day. To Gary’s amazement, she did not hesitate but went straight to the point where The Babushka Lady can be seen on the Z-Film.

Beverly Oliver married mobster and leader of the Dixie Mafia, George McGann, in 1966. He was killed in a gangland slaying, being shot five times. A year and seven months later she married Evangelist Charles Massegee and ever since then they have traveled as a team singing and preaching the gospel of Christ around the world. Beverly was a technical advisor for the 1991 JFK movie starring Kevin Costner. A small portion of this move is part of Beverly’s amazing story. She is available with her power point presentation for lectures in High Schools, Universities, Libraries, and wherever people are interested in this unanswered side of American history. Her lecture is a tribute to JFK’s legacy, dream for global peace, and belief that America owes its allegiance first and foremost to God.


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