Most of our revivals are Sunday morning through Wednesday evening.


Being full-time vocational evangelists, it is our privilege, to live by faith, travel by faith, and ministry by faith. All financial matters are left entirely in the hands of the church. We make no financial demands or stipulations. We come under the covering of the pastor to love, serve God’s people, and reach the lost for Christ. If you feel led to take a love offering for our ministry, we would like for all checks to be made out to the church and one check be given to us before we leave Wednesday night, if possible. Instead of passing the plates during the service, Sunday night through Wednesday night, we prefer to just let someone stand at each exit with a plate in hand and encourage the people to give on their way out of the service.


We go to all sizes and kinds of churches and they all have their own polices, regarding travel, meals and accommodations for revivals and special events. Relative to meals, Beverly and I will be happy to go out for dinner before or after the evening services when invited. When not invited out for a meal, we will be responsible for our meals at a restaurant. Relative to accommodations, we will be responsible for securing and paying for a motel room, even if it is a few miles away.  Because of personal reasons and the way we live on the road, this matter is of such importance to us, we will bare this expense if the church is unable to do so. Please don’t feel like you need to entertain us; we have more than enough to occupy our time.  Our priority is to be physically fresh, prayed up and mentally and spiritually prepared for the evening services.


If your church has Contemporary Musicians and Singers even if they are young people and wish to use them to lead the congregation in praise and worship during the revival, that is fine with us. In fact, we prefer this because it involves more people.  However, if you’re more traditional in congregational singing and an outside minister of music is desired, and prudent, we prefer to enlist someone we are accustomed to working with.  This makes a much better team effort and a world of difference. If you’re servicers are more traditional and you do not wish for us to secure the services of someone, we would be happy to work with your local song leader, or if necessary, my wife, Beverly,  can lead in the congregational singing, praise and worship, except on Sunday morning.  We suggest your minister of music be responsible for the congregational singing Sunday morning and turn the service over to us after about fifteen minutes.

We are always prepared for civic organizations, TV, radio and school assemblies. We have both religious and non-religious programs. Email me at: or call me at 214-801-7383 if you have any questions or just wish to talk about the situation.