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Revival Reflections


Most of our revivals are Sunday morning through Wednesday evening.

I preach and teach, and my wife and daughter, sing and share their testimonies. We travel in a 40 foot, self contained, diesel pusher motor coach, and usually park on the church grounds. We make no financial demands, stipulations, or even requests concerning travel expense, room and board allowance, or honorarium. However, we would welcome a love offering.

Being full-time vocational evangelists it is our privilege, to live by faith, travel by faith, and ministry by faith. All financial matters are left entirely in the hands of the church. We will be happy to abide by whatever the church feels led to do.

We will be responsible for all our meals in the motor coach. However, we would be happy AFTER the services, to go out for a meal, or refreshments and fellowship. We love to become personally acquainted with the people.

Anytime we need to communicate, email us at cmesinc@earthlink.net, or call me on the cell: 214-801-7383. Would you please draw us a detailed map to your church from the city limit sign? More information is available on our web site: www.massegee.org.

If an outside minister of music is desired, and prudent, we prefer to enlist someone we are accustomed to using. However, we would enjoy working with your music person. In some cases, my wife, Beverly, leads in praise and worship. By the time Beverly and our daughter sings two or three songs, involves the people, shares a word of testimony, and Beverly does her routine with Erick, her ventriloquist figure, we don’t need any additional music.

We are providing a copy of our REVIVAL GUIDELINES containing pictures, news releases and a smorgasbord of helpful ideas that will enable us to get the maximum out of our soul winning effort. Use whatever you think best for your situation. While we believe that prayer, preaching and the power of the Holy Spirit are imperative for real revival, there are some simple programs we have found very effective in enhancing the bottom line — better crowds, more baptisms, and a deeper spiritual impact on God’s people.

We welcome the opportunity to have morning Bible Studies or noonday inspirational services.

We are always prepared for civic organizations, TV, radio and school assemblies. We have both religious and non-religious programs.

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