The Marked New Testament

There are several New Testaments available that are already marked when printed. However, it is much more personal and impressive when you mark it yourself.

I believe the MARKED NEW TESTAMENT provides the easiest and most effective method of witnessing and can be adapted to any translation.

  2. Write in the fly leaf, “This is a Marked New Testament explaining how you can become a Christian. Please turn to page  ____.”(John 10:10)
  3. Underline in red the ten Scripture passages listed below.
  4. Print the message relating to the verse horizontally across the page, then print “Turn to page_____” in the margin.
  5. Mark a number of these New Testaments ahead and have them ready to use.
  6. When witnessing, go through each step and explain.
  7. After the person has made a decision, give him/her the New Testament. If he/she does not receive Christ, leave it with him/her and encourage him/her to read it.
  9. John 10:10b – God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Now turn to page _____.
  10. Romans 3:23 – But all have sinned against God. Now turn to page____.
  11. Romans 5:8 – Christ died for your sins. Turn to page _____.
  12. Romans 6:23 – Accept God’s free gift of eternal life. Turn to page____.
  13. Revelation 3:20 – Invite Christ into your life. Turn to page_____.
  14. Ephesians 2:8-9 – You are saved by faith alone. Turn to page _____.
  15. Matthew 10:32-33 – You must confess Christ publicly. Turn to page___.
  16. Acts 2:38 ,41,47 – Jesus commands you to be baptized and unite with a Bible believing church. Turn to page _____.
  17. I John 5:12-13 – You can know that you are saved because of God’s promise to you. Turn to page _____.
  18. Romans 10:9-13 – Call upon Christ and believe and He will save you. Turn to page _____.