Revival Countdown

Revival Countdown

A revival of a love worth sharing

The first REVIVAL COUNTDOWN bulletin insert should be used four weeks before the revival begins.

You can use these bulletins as your regular church bulletin with the church’s information on the inside, or use them as inserts. Instead of letter size with a fold you could have the same information on the front and back of a 8 ½ by 5 ½ (half of letter size) page and use them as an insert or hand out.

First bulletin or insert4 WEEKS FROM TODAY!

Second bulletin or insert 3 WEEKS FROM TODAY!

Third bulletin or insert 2 WEEKS FROM TODAY!

Fourth bulletin or insert 1 WEEK FROM TODAY!

Fifth bulletin or insertTODAY! (First service of crusade)

This “in house” advertising will not only familiarize the people with the team, but create tremendous anticipation for the revival.

You will find enclosed enough bulletins or inserts for five Sundays. They are camera-ready. You can have them printed or run them off (front and back) on the church copier. YOU CAN ALSO TRANSFER THEM TO YOUR DOCUMENTS ON YOUR COMPUTER AND THEN MAKE ANY CORRECTIONS AND/OR ADD COPY AND RUN THEM OFF ON YOUR PRINTER.

I promise you this approach, if used all five Sundays, will make a big difference. It works! It goes a long way in helping establish a rapport with the evangelist. Unless the people are sold on the messenger they won’t be sold on the message.