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Revelation Bible Conference


Four days: Sunday morning through Wednesday night!

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This is an example of one our slides in our Book of Revelation Presentation. This is the vision John had in Revelation Chapter 5 when the Lamb becomes the Lion, the only One worth to open the Seven Sealed Book of the further. We see the Lamb, as though it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes. Seven means perfect completion or fullness. Horn means power. Therefore, the Lamb, having seven eyes simply means, He is all-seeing. The seven horns simply means He is all-powerful. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last. That means there was no one before Him and there will be no one after Him. Only God can say that, and Jesus says it.


Revelation Illuminated

THE SUNDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY OPTION: We go through the whole book of Revelation, verse-by-verse, Sunday night through Wednesday night. Sunday morning Beverly usually gives her testimony and sings. I share a brief word that gets the people excited and motivated not to miss a session.  Most of the time it works. There are two 55-minute sessions each night, with a fifteen-minute break between the two sessions. We drive in on Saturday and park our motor home on the church parking grounds, prepared for a big day Sunday.

We have found that it works well meeting around tables in the fellowship center with light refreshments during the break. However, the sanctuary works best if no refreshments are served. No congregational singing or promotion necessary. Beverly sings a song or two each session. We focus on exciting, inspirational bible teaching geared for the 21st century with computer-generated graphics projected on a large screen. We also provide free copies of our Seven Secrets to Understanding the Book of Revelation and our Table of the Symbols and Definitions of over 100 key words in the book. We provide the large screen, computer, and projector when needed.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a vision is worth a thousand pictures. The Book of Revelation is made simple and exciting as the visions given to the Apostle John are illuminated by computer generated graphics projected on a large screen. Even young people and the “Now” generation of today become captivated by it once they get an insight into its modern day relevance. While our Revelation Bible Conferences may not take the place of a revival, they can be made just as evangelistic in a contemporary way.

We travel in a 40 foot, self-contained, diesel pusher motor coach, and usually park on the church grounds. We make no financial demands, stipulations, or even requests concerning travel expense, room and board allowance, or honorarium. However, we would welcome a love offering for our ministry.

Being full-time vocational evangelists it is our privilege, to live by faith, travel by faith, and ministry by faith. All financial matters are left entirely in the hands of the church. When possible we try to book our meetings within 600 miles of other meetings. However, let’s not let travel be an issue. We would not confirm a date unless we felt like it would fit into our schedule and we could drive the distance.

We will be responsible for all our meals in the motor coach. However, we would be happy AFTER the services, to go out for a meal, or refreshments and fellowship. We love to become personally acquainted with the people.

Anytime we need to communicate, email us at cmesinc@earthlink.net, or call us on the cell: 214-801-7383.  More information is available on our web site: www.massegee.org.

Relative to our Revelation Bible Conferences:

  • We teach the pre-millennial, pre-tribulation rapture of the church, and while no one knows when it may occur, we believe it could be any day. There is no date setting, and we are mindful to respect other people’s opinion. It’s not who is right, but what is right that matters. I am open to having a better understanding. I want to learn.
  • This exciting study builds up the ministry of the pastor, and addresses just about every challenge facing the church today.
  • The Book of Revelation is a book of hope, forgiveness, direction, and victory.
  • A proper perspective of the return of Christ will give us a proper perspective of how to live our life at its fullness.
  • The focus of the Book is the Person of Jesus Christ, how He relates to and affects history, beginning with the first coming of Christ, and ending with the Second Coming of Christ.
  • It is a Book of glorious hope and encouragement, showing God’s love and forgiveness even in the midst of His wrath and judgment.
  • The Book conveys to the whole world that Jesus is God, is all sovereign in every situation, and His ultimate will shall be done in spite of the disobedience of man.
  • You will see the Book of Revelation more clearly than ever before. Professional illustrator Pat Marvenko Smith has artistically represented the fantastic visions as seen by the Apostle John and recorded in this Book. These pictures are computer-generated on a large screen to enhance this inspirational study. We carry with us a large screen, projector, and computer. Of course, we would be happy to use the churches if available. We also will have our P.A. system if needed.
  • There is a real urgency today to be aware of Islam, Allah, and the antichrist in prophecy, as they are reveled so vividly in the Book of Revelation. WE BEST NOT KEEP OUR CHRISTIAN FRIENDS UNINFORMED ON THE MESSAGE OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION AS IT RELATES TO US TODAY.


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