Mentoring Evangelists

Scott Camp2

Mentoring evangelists like Scott Camp. I believe he is destined to be the Billy Graham of the 21st century. Check him out. He is the most successful and dynamic harvest evangelist I know!

A word from Scott!

When I began to sense that God was calling me out of local church ministry and into Vocational Evangelism (1986), the first person I called was Evangelist Charles Massegee. He IMMEDIATELY invited me to join his ministry as Crusade Music Director and Youth Evangelist. I traveled with him for a full year before launching out on my own. He patiently taught me HOW to be an Evangelist; how to act on the field; how to work with Pastors; how to have “class:” how to develop evangelistic sermons; how to give an invitation; how to live on the road; how to keep my cool when the church didn’t respond immediately and “how to” do a million other things that I still do and teach others to do to this day. He promoted me!!! Most of the initial meetings I preached on my own were due to his influence with pastors. When Gina and I were making the decision to re-enter Evangelism 20 years later, the FIRST PERSON I CALLED was Charles. He is my Father in Evangelism.