Meet Jesus Crusade



Lincolnton, NC Becomes Scene For Massive Meet Jesus Crusade

Charles goes where he is invited no matter the size of the situation. He has preached to as few as ten a night and as many as ten thousand a night. The message is always the same. He leads people to meet Jesus using several different strategies, but the message is always about Jesus. He would love to come to your area for an area wide or church wide Meet Jesus Crusade. Charles has always been on the cutting edge of evangelism. Invite him to your church and find out why.

Charles limits his citywide crusades to situations where he is allowed to use his own team, preparation material and order of service. Before a date is confirmed he would like to meet personally with the pastors and key people who will be involved. Charles has a very simple and exciting approach to area wide crusades and would love to come to your area and discuss the possibilities. He would do this at his own expense and without obligation to the churches. 

Charles provides a CRUSADE GUIDELINE BOOK containing committee job descriptions, pictures, news releases, advertising suggestions, and a smorgasbord of helpful ideas. The first step is to call Charles and talk about it. The second step is to allow him to come and meet with the pastors who might be interested in participating. The third step is to set a date. Most all successful crusades are the result of one or two key people with a burden and a vision. Charles has a turnkey crusade program that makes participation and preparation attractive and simple.

mjc-2Crowds overflow onto track! mjc-3We have tents that seat up to 3,000 people! mjc-4Charles Massegee Preaching! PictureCharles Massegee Preaching!

“One of the greatest needs today for the church throughout the world is to recognize and recover the legitimacy and the gift and calling of the evangelist.”     – Billy Graham