Invest in winning souls to Jesus Christ around the World

....... partner with us to share the Gospel

The Charles Massegee Evangelistic Service, Inc. has been qualified as a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) charitable organization since 1961. This enables contributors to deduct donations made to us provided by section 170 of the Internal Revenue Service.


When you invest in the Charles Massegee Evangelistic Service, you are investing directly in winning souls to Jesus Christ around the world. As we have for over 56 years now, we minister to high-risk young people, prisoners and people in remote mission areas where they have never head the Gospel of Christ.

In addition to our larger revivals and crusades, we conduct revivals in smaller churches and crusades in smaller towns that are unable to provide much financial support. We never want to be a burden to any church. We want to be a blessing. In an effort to do this we do not request any travel expense or room and board expense. We do welcome a love offering since our ministry is faith based. Call me right now and I will give you a date. Just call: 214-801-7383. That is my cell number and the best number to call since I’m on the road most of the time. We travel in and live in a 40 Overland Motor Coach while on the road. We have a home and office in Ranger, Texas and also Nevada, Texas.

We would never put a price on our ministry. It’s God’s ministry and that’s free! We go where we are invited and trust the Lord to move on the hearts of those He would have give.
We are very thankful for the privilege of serving the Lord during these exciting days when the doors of opportunity are open so wide. Please pray for us and partner with us. And above all, let us know if we can ever be of service to you and/or to your church in any way. We want to finish the course strong, let down all the nets and catch as many fish as possible during these last days of harvest.


We invite you to be our prayer partner. Also, we invite you to pray about investing financially in this soul-winning ministry.

Around the first of each month, or whenever the Lord might lead, pray about what He may have you to invest. If He impresses you to help us, just send a check made out to The Charles Massegee Evangelistic Service, Inc. and send it to P.O. Box 96, Ranger, Texas 76470, or click on the button below to make a direct donation using any kind of credit card.