A Very Constructive Ministry
Dr. James Pucket
To The Glory of God
I would like to recommend my good friend evangelist Charles Massegee to you. He was with me three times when I was pastor of the Harlandale Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas. He was with me three times at the First Baptist Church in McKinney, Texas before my retirement. I had the privilege of baptizing his wife, Beverly when I was in Big Spring, Texas. It was also my privilege to portray myself in the movie of her life story. She is a great assist to Charles’ ministry.

Charles is one of God’s unique evangelists. He has a very constructive ministry in local churches and a great appeal in area-wide crusades. He is richly blessed in talents, all of which he uses freely to the glory of God.

Dr. James Puckett
McKinney, Texas

Results Speak For Themselves
Dr. Charles Cranford
His Ministry Is Real

Someone asked me the other day why we have had Charles Massegee for a revival meeting every couple years for the past thirty years. He is a real person and the fruit of his ministry is real. The results always speak for themselves.

Charles has been in our county for an area-wide crusade with over fifty churches participating and over 600 decisions for Christ. He has been in our town for a citywide crusade with over a dozen churches participating. He was here at the Salem Baptist Church over 15 times while I was pastor there. I have had Charles and Beverly at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church three times.

What Billy Graham has done for the larger cities Charles does for the smaller cities and towns. He has a ministry every church needs to experience. He preaches the word and loves Jesus.

Dr. Charles Cranford
Lincolnton, North Carolina

Our beloved friend has now gone home to be with the Lord. We will greatly miss him.

Dickson Rial, Pastor, Orchard Hill Baptist Church, Garland, Texas

I have known Charles for over 40 years and have used him in the churches I have pastored time and again. I have never met a man who could preach the gospel and have such unbelievable results when the invitations are given. Charles and Beverly are members of the Orchard Hills Baptist Church here in Garland, Texas where I am again pastor. I had Charles here back in the late 60’s and early 70’s for some great crusades. I have him preach as often as possible now. Charles and Beverly practice what they preach. When not on the road they are in the pew supporting their pastor, and they also help in many other areas of our church ministry. If you have any question about Charles and Beverly please give me a call at 972-278-1586.” 

“It took three tents to finally hold the crowds in our Meet Jesus Crusade with Charles Massegee and team. This crusade was sponsored by the chaplains here in  Ft. Riley Kansas. Army regulations gave way, and denominational barriers were crossed as hundreds gave their life to Christ.”
– Ft. Riley, Kansas – Chaplain Charles Pike

“There were 420 people who accepted Christ as personal Savior in our Meet Jesus Crusade with Evangelist Charles Massegee…..42 adults saved in one service…50 teenagers who were saved formed The Born Again Singers…new Bible studies grew to outnumber the bridge parties in our little town of 15,000 people…Christianity invaded the beauty and barber shops…businessmen at last took Christ to the office with them…revival impacted the entire town for over nine years”.
– Charleston, Missouri – Newspaper Correspondent, Lisa Fox

“Our small desert town of 3,000 people will never be the same…421 found new life in Christ in our Meet Jesus Crusade with Charles and Beverly Massegee…the Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, Pentecostals, and Independents. Charles is able to relate to the “X” Generation. He knows where it is “at” and how to share love and understanding without compromising the Word of God.”

– Boron, California – Dr. R. S. VanBuskirk, Chairman

“In a town of only 850 people we had over 511 people a night in attendance with over 100 giving their life to Christ, and most of them were baptized. Every phase of our Meet Jesus Crusade with Evangelist Charles Massegee was  geared to effective and efficient outreach. This is the most amazing team I have ever seen.”— Ramsey Area Crusade, Illinois
– James Lyles, Pastor 

“We run about 430 in Sunday School but averaged over 700 people a night in our Meet Jesus Crusade and scores indeed did meet Jesus. This is the team to have for the 21st century”.
– Dr. R. Stuart Carlton

“Our church runs about 300 in Sunday School. We averaged over 800 people a night with a high attendance of 1,061 by actual count on Saturday night. This Meet Jesus team will guarantee you a crowd. Charles and Beverly are tops in my book”.
 – Union, SC – Dr. Milton Parker, Pastor

“We had a most fantastic Meet Jesus crusade with Evangelist Charles Massegee. Over 800 youth were reached in the schools. Our attendance climbed to over 4,000 the last night. All denominations responded in a wonderful way. Charles’ messages are for all faiths. They are brief, dynamic and to the point. Everyone of all ages understands the message. We have this team booked back.”
 – New Roads, LA – Harold E. Dodt, Pastor

“We had over 300 souls saved in one week in our Meet Jesus Crusade with Charles and Beverly Massegee. We have this team coming back.”
 – Vine Grove, Kentucky – Ralph Day

“I have known Charles Massegee since college days and have used him in ten crusades with over 700 people accepting Christ as Savior. His crusades are truly a place to meet Jesus. I recommend him and his lovely wife, Beverly, to you and your church”.
 – Hannibal, Missouri and Texarkana, Arkansas –Rev. Marvin T. Nobles

“Charles is affectionately referred to as ‘Mr. Vocational Evangelism’ among many of his peers, pastors and friends throughout our convention. I’m always amazed at the response people have given his preaching in his Meet Jesus Crusades”.
 – Lucas, Texas –Dr. Chief Lawson, former Director of Evangelism for New Mexico.

“In a day when the God-called evangelist seems to be going out of style, it is refreshing to hear someone like Charles Massegee and Beverly Massegee. Charles’ messages in our church were both timely and extremely practical.”
 – Dr. Harold O’Chester, Pastor of the 10,000-member Great Hills Baptist Church, Austin, Texas.