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........ for Revivals or Revelation Bible Conferences

We travel in a 40 foot, self contained, diesel pusher motor coach, and usually park on the church grounds, connecting to the church’s electricity. We make no financial demands or stipulations concerning travel expense, room and board allowance, or honorarium. Being full-time vocational evangelists, it is our privilege, to live by faith, travel by faith, and ministry by faith. My wife, Beverly, usually takes care of the music program.

We will be responsible for all our meals in the motor coach. However, we would be happy AFTER the services, to go out for a meal, or refreshments and fellowship. We plan on arriving at the church Saturday afternoon, so we will be refreshed and prepared for the first service Sunday morning.

Anytime we need to communicate, email me at, or call me on the cell: 214-801-7383. Would you please draw us a detailed map to your church from the city limit sign?

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Fax: 888-845-3696