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Dear Friend, It’s hard to believer that 2018 is gone and we have already lived up 1/12 of 2019. We are preparing for a full Spring of revivals and Revelation Bible conferences. Please pray for us. Charles WHY DO BABIES LIE Adam was created in God’s image. (Genesis 1:26) But we were not created in God’s image. We were created in Adam’s image after his sin and downfall. (Genesis 5:3) A person in Adam’s image when left alone as a child or allowed to do as he pleases as a teenage will run amok. He will have the tendency to be violently uncontrollable, undisciplined, with the potential to commit all kinds of hideous, immoral acts and crimes against God and against society. If this depraved nature is not held in check, even the conscience will become desensitized. Social and spiritual vertigo will set in and your decision-making process will become defective.  You will not know which why is up. You will have very little direction and purpose in life. You will begin to call right wrong and wrong right. You will begin to call evil good and good evil. You will be able to condone the killing of babies without it bothering you because after all, a woman has the right of choice. What about the right of the child? When in Adam’s image, it will be easier to be addicted to lust and allergic to God. You will rationalize by calling it human nature. Some people will say, “well, that was just the way I was born.” They are right. We are all born that way. We are...

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