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THIS IS ONE MAN’S OPINION TO AMERICA’S PROBLEM I realize that our young nation is still having growing pains. I think we will all admit that there are many injustices, unfairness, and inequities still in America today, but no country has done more to correct these things than has America. Remembering the past can be helpful, and as we do, let’s focus more on the future and what we can do to make it better. Our culture in America has become full of evil because of our attitude about authority, especially “scriptural authority.” Our nation was founded on scriptural authority by imperfect, flawed men. Every man and woman who have any kind of governmental authority, all our congressmen, every senator, and every president, and certainly including President Trump, have been and are imperfect and flawed, but they are our leaders and deserve our respect. God has a very harsh judgment on a nation that does not! (Romans 13:1-7) According to our Christian Bible, God has ordained that there should be governing authorities, imperfect and flawed as they may be. We are to respect and be subject to these governing authorities or suffer the consequences. When God inspired the Apostle Paul to write about this in Romans Chapter 13, Nero was in power in Rome. Nero was a very evil and cruel person. He persecuted Christians, and yet God said, through the Apostle Paul, that the people should summit to Nero’s authority because that authority was ordained by God, Himself. I realize there is such a thing as civil disobedience, but that is an entirely different issue. I do not...

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