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We are home for a few days of rest and preparation after about 6 weeks on the road. Thanks for your prayers ad support. We leave for two weeks this coming week. It does not take a wise person to realize that everything in America that is dear to us, all our freedoms, all of the real democracy that is ours to enjoy, the marvelous opportunities this great and wonderful nation affords, the manifold blessings that have come from God, all our religious freedoms, are the result of people acknowledging the Lord God Almighty.   We all enjoy these blessings today because our forefathers settled this country looking for a place to worship God as Christians. They wrote it on the currency of our nation.  It is written in letters large and clear on the pages of our history, “IN GOD WE TRUST”. And the God they were trusting in was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It was the God manifested in human flesh in the form of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.   This country was not founded on the doctrine of Mohammad or Buda or any other religion. This country was founded on the doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ and we owe no one any apology. Yes! Jesus is the only way. Christianity is the only true religion. Perhaps we do an injustice by even referring to Christianity as a religion. Christianity is a way of life. We can disagree on many Bible issues and still be Christians, and still be in harmony with God and one another.  But we must agree on...

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