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Dear Friend, You can scroll on down to read why I’m giving up on the Dallas Cowboys and never going to another game. Here is a praise the Lord, glory report. Our youngest daughter, Lore Lee (Pebbles) has had Heb-C since she was a baby. She is now 34. She has been totally healed of Hep-C. It is now not detectable on all her blood test. Beverly was elected Secretary/Treasurer for the fifth time and I was elected President for the third term of the Conference of Texas Baptist Evangelist. Please pray for us. We just completed one of the most inspirational weeks of our life at the GREATER CALVARY BIBLE CHURCH in Austin, Texas. Dr., Rev, Archbishop Lands 11 is one of the most amazing men I have ever met. We presented our END TIME REVELATION BIBLE CONFERENCE. He has not only invited us back to his church, but wants us to present our Bible Conference at their annual convention. What an honor! We have meetings coming up in Castle Rock, AR, two in the Atlanta, GA area and in Carrollton, GA and Myrtie Beach, SC. There are also several unusual venues that are opening up for us to share the gospel. Last night Beverly was the special guest on Grand Jubilee here in Branson, MO. with an open invitation to be their guest anytime she is in town. Great band and backup singers. The show was video taped for future viewing to over 33,000,000 people. Since we have several other interest here in Branson, we are here several times a year. We welcome the opportunity to come...

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