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WHAT KIND OF REVIVAL DO WE NEED? It does not take a prophet or a wise man to realize that everything in America that is dear to us, all our freedom, our democracy that is ours to enjoy, the great and wonderful opportunities that this great nation affords, the manifold blessings that have come from God, and all our religious freedoms are the result of people taking God seriously. We all enjoy these blessings today because our forefathers settled this country looking for a place to worship God. They wrote it on the currency of our nation. They wrote it in the Constitution. It is written in letters large and clear on the pages of our history – IN GOD WE TRUST. But I say to you, and mark well my words, though I do not claim to be a prophet nor the son of a prophet, unless we have a great sweeping revival that will turn our churches and our nation back to God, we are going to live to see the judgment of God in our churches, in our homes and in our nation. We have got to have revival. The question is, What kind of revival do we need? That is what I want to talk to you about. “What kind of revival do we need”? First, we need a revival that is prayed down. Oh, how we as the people of God, need to come again to mighty intercessory prayer. Not just the ordinary kind of praying most of us do all the time, but praying that will not be denied. Praying that will not...

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