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February 2015

  • I am so thankful to Jesus today. Saved when I was only nine and have always wanted to serve the Lord.
  • I got that chance in a big way when He called me to preach May 17th, 1953. Every year has gotten sweeter and more precious.
  • I have a greater hunger and thirst for the Word of God today than ever before. Please pray for me. Our Revelation Bible Conferences are being blessed in an unbelievable way with 1,000’s attending.
  • The Lord is opening doors in secular venues like Legions, Dick Clark Bandstand Theater in Branson, MO, etc.
  • We are continuing to work on the Book of Daniels. Pray for me.
  • The Lord seems to be speaking to me more than ever and leading me into all kind of uncharted waters.
  • Just got back from SC
  • We will be headed to the Southern Baptist Convention this coming Friday, June 12th.
  • I have a very special, unusual, and unnamed project, coming up in July and August. Please pray for great success for this venture.
  • So thankful for our two daughters and son and six grand-kids. Thank you Jesus.
  • I am also thankful for my precious, loving, faithful wife of 44 years who has always stood by my side.

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