February 2015


  • We are home for a few days as I continue working on my new book on Daniel and the commentary on the New Testament.
  • We still have some dates open for 2016. So far this year we have booked return engagements to every church we have served.
  • We have been invited by one of the largest, most beautiful and most popular theaters in Branson, MO to present our Revelation Extravaganza; a three hour experience through the entire Book of Revelation in one night, verse by verse, with displays, power point and special effects. In addition to the attendance of local churches and entertainers, we hope to bus in several churches from around the country. It’s exciting to not only know Who holds the future, but what the future holds. The Book of Revelation is one beautiful story of hope and victory. The word “and” is used over 1,200 times, tying everything together as one fantastic drama of the human race. After a long and weary struggle, and a history full of dark and disastrous episodes, humankind will finally reach a place of happiness and splendor. Our heavenly Father has mercifully lifted the curtain beyond, and revealed to us our glorious final destiny. When the last battle has ended, and the author of all evil has been cast into the eternal prison house, and the power to do evil has been broken, then, and only then, will the dawn of a bright new morning shine in our hearts forever. This is the most encouraging and needed message in the world today. Jesus mandates it to be delivered to the churches.



These wonderful Evangelists, Charles and Beverly Massegee, have been like Mom and Dad to me all my life!!!!

— with Beverly Oliver Massegee and Charles Massegee.

Scott Camp's photo.



After the show with the Haygoods! Love them ALL!

— with Timothy Haygood and Charles Massegee.

Beverly Oliver Massegee's photo.
Beverly Oliver Massegee's photo.
Beverly Oliver Massegee's photo.
Beverly Oliver Massegee's photo.
Beverly Oliver Massegee's photo.
  • Брайан Энтони My joint favourite movie. Elwood “Two pieces of dry white toast” “Jake “Four fried chickens and a coke”. Aretha “Y’all want anything to drink with that?” Elwood “No Ma’am”, Jake “A coke”.
  • Charles Massegee
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